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  • Soft Golf is a fun combination of minigolf/crazy golf and soft play. Using vibrant soft play animals, Soft Golf allows for children as young as 3 to enjoy the aspects of golf in a safe and entertaining way.

    Simply putt the colourful foam golf ball through the legs of a crab, the mouth of a shark or the fin of a fish’s tail to reach the putting cup and score a ‘hole in one’ for guaranteed hours of fun!

    Whether the players are young ‘Tiger Woods’ striking their first club, Soft Golf is sure to help with gross motor skills, hand to eye co-ordination and physical control. Play & Learn with Soft Golf from Putterfingers »

    Why Putterfingers?

    Everybody likes Mini Golf / Crazy Golf! It is an extremely inclusive activity that allows young and old alike to have a good old fashioned fun time.

    In different countries Crazy Golf goes by many other names: miniature golf, mini-golf, midget golf, goofy golf, shorties, extreme golf, crazy golf, adventure golf, mini-putt and so on.

    Mini Golf is one of the most popular outdoor games in Europe and America, nearly all European countries have an official national federation for promoting minigolf as a competition sport. You have the WMF, EMF and the BMGA.

    Putterfingers are now making it available to everyone in the UK nationwide with our unique portable modular Mini Golf courses.

    Putterfingers are the 'number one' supplier of portable modular Mini Golf/Crazy Golf Courses. Our Golf course design is unique, ultra portable, ultra playable and ultra fun! We hire our MiniGolf courses nationwide in the UK and we sell them all over the world. See the map below!

    Putterfingers have sold Portable Minigolf courses to the following countries around the world so far...

    Minigolf Course sold in Canada Minigolf Course sold in the USA Minigolf Course sold in India Minigolf Course sold in Ireland Minigolf Course sold in the UK Minigolf Course sold in Spain Minigolf Course sold in Malta Minigolf Course sold in Cyprus Minigolf Course sold in the Czech Republic
    And we are still growing...
    so watch this space!
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    Putterfinger's Event Packages 

    Why not hire a Portable Mini Golf Course for Childrens Birthday Party

    Crazy Golf for Childrens Birthday Parties »

    Why not rent a portable Crazy Golf / Mini Golf course for your child's next birthday? Children from 7 upwards will love this sporting themed hire activity.

  • Why not hire a Portable Mini Golf Course for the guests at your Wedding Reception

    Mini Golf at your Wedding Reception »

    Why not rent a portable Mini Golf/Crazy Golf course for your wedding reception? It's a terrific way to keep youngsters occupied during what can be a quite lengthy period - there's only so many aunties they can irritate!

  • Why not hire a Portable Mini Golf Course for your School

    Crazy Golf for School Events »

    A Putterfingers portable Crazy Golf or Mini Golf course is perfect for all manner of school events, from fundraising to fetes to Christmas and end of term parties.

  • Why not hire a Portable Mini Golf Course for your Charity fund raising event

    Mini Golf for Charity Fund Raising »

    Crazy Golfathons! Fundraise with a Crazy Golf Marathon. Crazy Golfathons! We work with charities and schools to use our Crazy Golf courses to help fundraise. To do this, we organise 'Crazy Golfathons'.

  • Why not hire a Portable Mini Golf Course for your Pub or Hotel

    Crazy Golf for Pubs & Hotels »

    Since the smoking ban, successful pubs are reinventing themselves as truly family friendly locations. What is more family friendly than a Crazy Golf course?!

  • Why not hire a Portable Mini Golf Course for your Corporate Event

    Mini Golf for Corporate Events »

    We supply Portable Mini Golf, Crazy Golf and putting solutions for hire. You can rent anything from a single putting green to a full 9-hole Mini Golf / Crazy Golf course.

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